Thursday, April 10, 2008

The push!

As always, there seem to be last-minute hurdles to getting CubeFreak on screen! We're currently working with a very patient post-production house on our final transfer, and we're focusing on getting the word out about the screening on the 26th. There's always so much to do... luckily we have a very talented and dedicated group of people helping out with all of this. My fingers are crossed! This has been such an amazing (and often aggravating) learning experience. Making a zero-budget film that requires money has not been an easy feat, and I've got a list about a mile long of things I would do differently now that I know what I know. I think the most recent thing I've learned is that sometimes it's ok to just be patient because good things start happening when you least expect them. 

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Film Festival!!

The whole fast vs. cheap vs. good scenario has finally come full circle, and we've been accepted in the 2008 Newport Beach Film Festival!! (We fit into the 'cheap and good, not fast' category for those who are wondering.) With the ongoing help and support of all our friends and the speedcubers around the world, we're finally getting the film out there! We've got a film webpage on the festival site, and we need people to check it out - we want to create as much buzz about the film as possible. We also have our film website with all the info about the cast and crew, and our myspace site.

We're screening on Saturday, April 26, at 11am at the Edwards Fashion Island Theater 6.